About Bovec

BovecBovec (Italian: Plezzo, German: Flitsch) is a small city and municipality in northwestern Slovenia. The city of Bovec lies in the Bovec Basin in the Soča Valley below the Kanin mountain in the Julian Alps.

Bovec is one of the 211 municipalities of Slovenia. It is situated located close to border with Italy, 136 km from the capital Ljubljana, at an altitude of 434 m. Bovec has been traditionally part of the Goriška region, but nowadays only a minority of locals share this regional identity, preferring to identify with the wider region of the Slovenian Littoral.

A part of the Bovec municipality is located within the Triglav National Park, but not Bovec itself.

Several natural sights are included in the Bovec municipality, such as the source of the River Soča, the 106 m high Boka waterfall, the ski resort Kanin, and the Trenta Valley, connected to Bovec with a tourist trail. The municipality has a well-developed tourist industry, centered in the city itself, with numerous hotels, and an airfield (LJBO). In 2007, a part of the movie, Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, was shot close to Bovec. (Source: from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)