The water hurst of Šunik

Triglav National ParkIn the middle of intact nature, by the water stream, is the hidden nook, abundant with wonderful energies. The areas, exceptionally rich with energical, accumulate in cascades and pools. These energical springs influence very favorably on the man`s feeling (they can also appease diferent pain and illness conditions) The healing effect of water is based on fact that our emotional system, which is in resonance with water, is able to call the information, advantageous and necessary for health and good feeling, from water drops every moment.


Triglav National ParkThe History

By the circular trial, there are still visible the remains of old mill, which was in function untill the first word war, the witnesses are two remmaining millstone. Below, there are the ruins of the saw wihich served its`purpose still in fifties of the previous century. Close to the lower bridge over the river Lepenjica, during the first word war, the was the main supply trail, leading to the front.